What is Royal Tanning Balm?

Royal Tanning Balm is a new, non-toxic reinvention of old-school tanning oil, crafted with functional ingredients like royal jelly and UV-absorbing plant oils for a powerful formula that actually helps protect and nourish your skin in the sun while elevating your tan.

Is it a self-tanner/sunless tanner?

No. Royal Tanning Balm is used outside, in the sun to help nourish skin while tanning. Vitamin D is required!

How is it different from or better than other tanning oils?

Most traditional tanning oils contain mineral oils, parabens, aluminum and other harmful ingredients, many of which not only cause skin irritation but have also been linked to endocrine disruption and even cancer. In contrast, Royal Tanning Balm has a short, sweet and entirely clean ingredient list you can trust.

How do I use it?

Use it in the sun to achieve a perfect healthy tan, protect skin from sun damage and restore moisture. It’s easy to apply with less mess than other oils, as the rich balm melts in the warmth of your skin into a readily absorbable, luxurious consistency. Apply to clean, dry skin until an even later is visible. 

Does it provide sun protection? Will I get a sunburn?

Royal Tanning Balm contains several plant oils with naturally occurring SPF and UV absorbers, including grapeseed oil ( ~ SPF 6), coconut oil ( ~ SPF 4) and red raspberry seed oil ( ~ SPF 20). The formula allows you to extend your time in the sun to achieve healthy sun exposure and a vibrant bronze. That said, each person’s skin sensitivity is unique, so it's important to know your UV limits to avoid a burn. We recommend applying gradually with a mineral SPF at first if you don’t have a base tan, or plan to spend extended time in the sun during peak midday hours when UV rays are the strongest.

What will my skin look like after I use it?

Once applied, Royal Tanning Balm acts as a whole-body highlighter for a healthy glow. Your skin will also reap the benefits of royal jelly which boosts collagen, increases blood flow to skin and fights wrinkles. With ongoing use in the sun, you’ll build a non-streaky, never orange, perfectly even, natural tan while soaking in the healing benefits of mother nature.

Why should I tan in the sun rather than use a sunless tanner? Is it safe?

While it’s important to be responsible in the sun and avoid overexposure, we’re big believers in the therapeutic benefits of a healthy dose of Vitamin D. While trying to protect skin from the sun completely 24/7 in recent years, it’s easy to wonder if we’ve overcorrected - considering at least half of Americans suffer from a Vitamin D deficiency. As with most things, sun exposure is healthy in moderation. Use a clean mineral SPF when you need it. Strike a happy medium, but don’t fear the sun! We designed Royal Tanning Balm because we wanted a hydrating, nourishing and skin-soothing product that could work with the sun, rather than only against it. Self-tanners aren’t completely safe either - studies have shown they can inhibit Vitamin D production, increase free radical production and accelerate aging - and they don’t provide any of the benefits you gain from a little bit of actual sun.

Why do humans need exposure to the sun?

The benefits of the sun go way beyond a Vitamin D boost alone. Healthy sun exposure can also lower your blood pressure, optimize mineral absorption, help clear your skin, improve your gut microbiome, strengthen your immunity, balance your hormones, heighten your libido, harmonize your circadian rhythm and improve sleep, and boost your mood.

Can I eat it?

Yes - All our ingredients are high quality & food grade.  If your sea plane crashes in the south pacific on the way to Jimmy Buffet concert, ROYAL TANNING BALM could very well be the difference between life and death. 

Will it improve my chances of a mid party make out?

Also yes - studies have shown that a natural, healthy tan enhances physical appearance and boosts confidence.  Balm up to boogie down.